E-ssentials Bulletin

E-ssentials Bulletin

General Business, Management & HR Issues

Make eye contact - and donít bring your dog to the interview
Nearly 2,200 hiring managers were interviewed for CareerBuilder - and did they have some stories to tell! Here are some of the most outlandish mistakes applicants made during interviews, as well as body language problems managers notice.

Five steps to setting effective company goals
Goal setting is nothing new. You've likely been setting goals for yourself since you were a child. We like to know what outcomes are expected of us. But goals can be motivating or demotivating. Here are five steps to setting effective goals for your departments and the company as a whole.

Which college majors translate into the highest-paying jobs?
New studies by Payscale.com measure the salaries the college graduates can expect according to their majors. Which majors bring the biggest salaries in later life, and which bring the lowest? There are definite trends. And which college graduates feel the most underemployed?

Wealth Advice, Retirement & Estate Planning

Part-time work in most retirement plans
While some aging Baby Boomers and other Americans have pleasant daydreams of retirement, a larger percentage are worried whether they will have enough money saved to live comfortably. Recent studies show just how nervous many are about retirement - and how many will have to continue working longer than they had hoped.

Helping an elderly parent with estate planning
Discussing estate planning concerns with an aging parent or relative and putting affairs in order can ease the process when incapacity or death becomes a reality. Here are some tips and directives that may help you and your parents or grandparents ease the estate planning process.

Is investing in art or antiques for you?
Most people who buy art and antiques do it for fun or enjoyment. Only about 10 percent of buyers are hoping to make a profit. Extra costs are involved, art and antiques are not as liquid as stocks and bonds, and tax treatment of profits is not as favorable. And special expertise is needed to make it profitable. Still, does this type of investing interest you?

Washington Tax Update

How to deduct a vehicle donation

Donating an automobile with a fair market value of more than $500 has a few twists and turns when taxpayers claim a deduction. Taxpayers donating to charity a qualified vehicle, car, truck, boat or aircraft valued at over $500 must obtain from the charity either a Form 1098-C or a similar contemporaneous written acknowledgment of the contribution.

Tax preparer barred from preparing tax returns

James A. Ericson really missed the mark as a federal income tax preparer. In February 2015, the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii permanently barred Ericson from preparing federal income tax returns.

Son gets cash but Mom stuck with tax

Taxpayers should keep up with the U.S. bonds they purchase and cash in - and their tax liability on the interest. Mrs. Lobs's son needed some money. Mrs. Lobs cashed in ten $1,000 Series EE U.S. savings bonds registered in her name. Who is liable for the tax on the interest?

Personal property taxes - an itemized deduction

The term "personal property tax" means an ad valorem tax imposed on an annual basis on personal property. To qualify as a personal property tax, a tax must meet a three-part test.

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