E-ssentials Bulletin

E-ssentials Bulletin

General Business, Management & HR Issues

Four ways to help overwhelmed employees
In today's post recession work world, jobs have been combined and duties expanded to the point that employees are often struggling to do all the work they've been assigned. A struggling employee is an unhappy employee - and that can result in the boss and other people being unhappy as well.

Are you fueling your leadership pipeline?
Good business starts with good leadership - and good business continues best when a pipeline of good leaders is in place. But, how does a business cultivate such a pipeline? How can we attract and retain people with leadership potential in our companies? The answers are complex.

Next up in the workplace: Generation Z
If you're just starting to learn how to work best with members of the Millennial generation, brace yourself. A whole new generation is starting to enter the workforce. Generation Z has a whole different set of expectations and workplace behaviors. Within five years, they'll hold 20 percent of the jobs.

Wealth Advice, Retirement & Estate Planning

How seniors can avoid healthcare fraud
Senior citizens are often targeted by con artists, and a high percentage of the crime is either healthcare or health insurance fraud. Seniors are particularly targeted because many have accumulated a nest egg, typically have excellent credit and have good private health insurance or Medicare.

Exchange traded funds grow in popularity
Exchange traded funds continue to grow in popularity. ETFs have grown from $100 billion in 2002 to $1.7 trillion by the end of 2013. The advantages and disadvantages should be weighed in relation to the individual investorís preferences and goals when deciding whether and to what extent to include them in a portfolio.

Retirees who planned happiest in retirement
Overall, 87 percent of 1,000 retired Baby Boomers surveyed by Ameriprise Financial, Inc., are "very satisfied" with the decision to retire when they did. Nearly half of recent retirees feel they estimated their retirement savings accurately, and 28 percent more say they will actually need less than they saved.

Washington Tax Update

Important IRS information on social media

The IRS has jumped on the social media bandwagon. You can check on the status of your refund, get updates on new developments in the tax area and even get some helpful tax tips.

Casual clothing rules issued to first responders

If a police or fire department provides its employees with free uniforms, the uniforms are considered a nontaxable working condition fringe benefit under the Internal Revenue Code. But what about casual clothing issued as uniforms?

To deduct business expenses: Seek profit

The U.S. Tax Court made it clear in a recent case that taxpayers can't simply deduct business expenses unless they are actually trying to make a profit in a trade or business.

Itís a dependency exemption question

Does an affidavit from the supposed dependent supply the IRS with enough evidence to justify a dependency exemption? It depends.

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