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General Business, Management & HR Issues

How to lower tax on business stock sales
With an increased capital gain tax rate of 20 percent for tax years 2013 and after, small-business owners should be aware of a provision that eliminates one-half or more of capital gains recognized on the sale of their corporate business.

HSAs vs. HRAs: Differences may affect employee health
As an employer, you must make important decisions about employee healthcare coverage. Among the many options are health savings accounts and health reimbursement arrangements. Do you know the difference between an HSA and an HRA? Which would be best to offer your employees?

How fighting ageism can help your business
Like other forms of discrimination, ageism is based on stereotypes and assumptions, most of them negative. Age is a false measure of employee value. Instead, choose your employees based on the qualities, talents and commitment they bring to your company, regardless of birth date.

Wealth Advice, Retirement & Estate Planning

Social Security: Baby Boomers can rest easier
Baby Boomers looking forward to retirement can stop worrying that there won't be enough money in the Social Security fund to cover their checks, according to the new annual report of the U.S. Treasury. But the disability insurance fund is depleting quickly, and legislation will be needed soon to fund it.

Investing in bonds: How it differs from stocks
How does investing in bonds differ from investing in stocks? The corporation or government entity that issued the bond is borrowing from you, promising to pay you back at a certain date and to pay interest. You are taking the risk that you may not be paid back. There are many other differences as well.

Millionaires holding more cash than before recession
Many Americans haven't recovered from being burned in the stock market plunge of the late 2000s. Over half of the multimillionaires polled in a recent study currently are holding one-tenth of their fortune in cash, and intend to keep it there. And two in 10 millionaires have 25 percent of their portfolios in cash.

Washington Tax Update

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